Knowing what we offer

Services that meet our client's objectives

Services Overview

Valiant & McKenzie Distribution is one of the most preferred distribution companies in the Philippines.

Our salesforces covers all trade channels in the country from supermarkets, drugstores, groceries, department stores, market stalls and sari-sari stores. Amongst distributors, we have the most extensive array of distribution centers. We provide temperature control in the warehouses and delivery units. Each of our warehouses has temperature control and back-up power generators to ensure product quality is maintained, even during power interruptions.


What We Offer

warehouse and logistics

inventory management, safekeeping, warehousing, customer service

sales management

our own sales force working with you

order processing

edi order processing, excel based sales order, automatic uploading to systems


auto subsitution, item codes of accounts mapping


temperature controlled or ambient fleet


countering and colleciton

supply chain

demand planning, importation

returns management

reverse logistics


dry or cold repacking, stickering, shrinkwrapping, unbundling

information technology

sage mas 500 and customized system using and sql server backend

toll manufacturing

our own factory for toll manufacturing